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Hi, My name is Lily. While I am a native English (US) speaker, I still have family both from Taiwan and Thailand. Because of this, I am quite fluent in speaking Chinese and, to an even greater extent, in Thai. In addition to this, having done consultant work as well as tutoring for several years now, I am definitely capable of being able to overcome multiple cross-cultural issues and help express what a person is trying to communicate. I now hope to help you find some good accommodations during your stay here in Taiwan. Welcome!
您好, 我叫莉莉。而英文是我的母語,我還有家人在台灣跟泰國。所以呢,我的中文蠻流利,我的泰國話更好。此外,因為我做顧問跟家教工作很多年了,我確定會克服跨文化問題,也可以幫人表示要溝通什麼。希望您在台灣的時候,我可以幫您找到一些宿舍。歡迎!

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