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Learning languages and experiencing different cultures are very interesting because challenges always make my life full of energy and surprises. A few years ago I successfully completed a two-year course in Spanish, my second foreign language, in National Taiwan University. Learning new experiences so as to challenge myself and broaden my horizons is quite exciting. Therefore, I’ve taught English in Taiwan for thirteen years. However, I am not only patient and experienced to help you know more about Taiwanese culture, but also very friendly and considerate to find you a nice accommodation. Welcome to Taiwan! 您好,我畢業於台灣大學外文系。小學三年級和家人赴美國生活,國高中時期回台北就讀,大學三年級以前返美讀加州州立大學,於大三那一年再次回台灣轉入台灣大學外文系繼續就讀至畢業。曾經因為興趣和熱情,我特別去學習德文半年和西班牙文兩年。我很喜歡接觸不同的語言和文化,在台北教成人英文至今已有13個年頭了。對於使用不同的語言來幫助別人解決問題,我非常熟悉和有經驗。期待能不僅介紹合適的外國房客給台灣的接待家庭或屋主,同時也和您們分享活潑又美妙的外國生活和文化喔!

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