Indonesia, Male, 19 yrs
English / Bahasa Indonesian /
National Sun-Yat-San University
Update: 2017-02-12
NT$ 8,000 / month
Move-in Date
Will stay for
10 month
Housing Type

Up to team up with nearby friends to find a share house

About Me
Non-smoker No kids Have pets Not student Non-veg

Hi! I'm Kevin
I'm a student from Indonesia soon enrolling in NSYSU in February, Im looking for accomodations in Kaohsiung, my budget is around NT$ 7,000 all-included. I'm a pretty chill guy, friendly, easy going, I get along well with almost anyone, I'm also a neat, organised and respectful person.

The things I like doing include cycling, swimming and travelling. I am also interested in photography, EVERYTHING associated with automotive and aviation, and most of all, food! I also like listening to music and watching movies as well as occasionally going to social events.. Oh one more thing, I'm also quite familiar with daily chores, so I think Id make a good housemate :)