United Kingdom, Female, 20 yrs
English / French / Spanish /
Update: 2017-02-22
NT$ 12,000 / month
Move-in Date
Will stay for
6 month
Housing Type
About Me
Non-smoker No kids No pet Student Vegan

Hi, future host family,

I'm Teresa from UK. I am very keen on creative field and social insight.
I now study at Aberdeen University and plan to learn more Asian experience.

Being a polyglot is my passion. My next plan to learn Chinese is that to speak to natives as much as possible. I also need to be diligent with Chinese homework, especially essay, since my profession Chinese writing skill is nearly non-existed. My strategy is to read all the things Chinese that come into my eyes, labels, billboard, names, newspaper etc. There's big chance that I will see a word lots of time and I'll memorize it.

I love to cook and I am a coffee addict. Besides, I like to binge-watch TV show. I also love to watch Chinese movie to improve my Chinese. I like to work out, although I am not very good at it. All in all, I will be a very good guest. Hope to see you in Taiwan!