Finland, Female, 20 yrs
English / Finnish / Swedish /
Update: 2017-02-12
NT$ 8,000 / month
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6 month
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Non-smoker No kids No pet Student Non-veg

Hi, I am Sara from Helsinki, Finland. Nowadays I'm studying theology in University of Helsinki and my 2nd year is about to begin this autumn. As a child I studied in a music school providing a lot of musical training, theory and choir activities. Music is such a dear thing for me still today. I also love drawing and painting.

One of my biggest dreams since many, many years has been travelling Asia, especially China and Taiwan, and even to stay with a host-family, who could maybe teach me some Chinese and cultural manners and habits. I'm really interested in learning any differences between our cultures and seeing your beautiful country with my own eyes.

As a native Finnish-speaker I have been also studying Swedish for almost eight years and have always done well with it. Back in high school I have also studied some Spanish, which I manage to understand, also even talk a bit, and a little French. In the university I've been studying also Greek, which I absolutely find the most difficult by now. For me, learning Chinese has been a huge dream and such a fascinating aspiration for several years since I started high school. Back then I bought quite an expensive textbook to learn the language even a bit by myself, but it was quite a struggle without any help or verbal support. Now as an university student I'm still looking up for classes to learn Chinese, even if the schedule was already full.

In 2011, I graduated from high school with quite good grades and also accomplished National Oral Proficiency Examination, level B2.2 which means Functional independent proficiency. Next year I started my studies in university of applied sciences in Lahti, where I concentrated on travelling and language studies. During those years I had my first aid license and hygiene proficiency certificate throughout my school. I also have driving license.

I have been nursing kids between ages 1 to 8 for two years. Some of them have been my cousins but I have also worked in this little elementary school as a special needs assistant, helping a bit slower learners through classes. I love being busy around children sharing experiences among their daily lives. I find it quite rewarding.

Anyway, I am really looking forward hearing from a family soon. I can't wait meeting my possible host-family-to-be...