Australia, Male, 20 yrs
English /
Update: 2017-02-12
NT$ 9,000 / month
Move-in Date
Will stay for
5 month
Housing Type
About Me
Non-smoker No kids No pet Student Non-veg

Hi, I am Sebastien from Australia. English is my native language and I had begun to learn French for around 4 months before I started learning Mandarin. It has now been 3 months since I have began learning mandarin and I have been learning by using few, yet vital resources for learning. These have included an HSK vocabulary deck, sentence deck, reading articles (that suit my level) and having language exchanges with friends who want to learn English, both talking and speaking. I believe that learning both Simplified and Traditional writing are equally important to not only have the best understanding of the Chinese language.

I am turning 20 years old in September. Although I am young, I am a self-disciplined person due to the teaching of my grandparents. I am currently living in Southport, Australia with my grandparents and one of my sisters to complete grade 12, and get accepted into university in Brisbane. For my spare time, I enjoy talking to my friends and I am currently studying six different subjects in school (2 maths, physics, chemistry, computing and English). I have taken a first aid course, and have a certificate in it. I had become interested in Mandarin when some of my Chinese friends would talk to each other, and how the sounds and words are so unique to English, and how efficient the writing system is.

It would be great to meet the future family. Taiwan seems like such a beautiful place to visit because of the local night market, seeing the jade mountain, and travelling around on the THSR to visit the beaches of KenTing National Park. It would be fantastic to meet new people: to talk to them, what Taiwan is really like and to experience the weather over there! I live with 2 younger brother and two younger sisters (between 15 and 9 months old) so I will get along with anyone, and understand how to care for them, as well as pets like cats and dogs. I enjoy a clean room, and understand the importance of keeping a house clean (my grandparents really taught me well about this). I hope you have a great day!