USA, Female, 21 yrs
English / German / Spanish /
Any MRTs
Update: 2017-02-22
NT$ 7,000 / month
Move-in Date
Will stay for
8 month
Housing Type
About Me
Non-smoker No kids No pet Not student Vegan

Hello! My name is Sofia from Berkeley, USA. I am 21 years old. My native language is English. I also speak Spanish fluently, and am proficient in German and Italian. I am a hobby language learner, and have successfully taught myself enough of various languages to enjoy simple books and TV shows as well as conversations with natives. My current level in Mandarin is very basic, but it is usually enough for me to get around in Boston Chinatown where I live.

My educational background is rather limited, but I am a driven youth. When I'm not biking, I enjoy training in parkour, programming, and reading. I am also a musician, and sing classical music, as well as playing piano and guitar for fun.

Living on my own in Boston Chinatown, I get to hear a lot of Chinese spoken every day, but its a little hard for me to become part of the community here. I think making a connection with a local family would be a great way to learn the language and culture, so that when I come home I'll have made new friends across the world and will also be able to understand my neighbors here better. I've been on my own since I was 17, so it would be wonderful to have a family to belong to, too, even if they're in such a far-off place.